"Do what you can control, before you lose control of you."

SUPERWOMAN! SUPERWOMAN! How would you feel if you had a moment that allowed you to take off your cape, giving you the freedom to release the anxiety and frustration that you carry daily? Superwoman, you do know that you do not have to save everyone you meet today.

SUPERWOMAN! SUPERWOMAN! How would you feel if you had a safe place to vulnerably say to the world, “I am really tired today”? Wouldn’t that be super if you could do it but for a moment in your day?

SUPERWOMAN! SUPERWOMAN! What do you believe makes you so super? Is it your strength to show up in every battle and be the savior that saves the day? Or, is it how others marvel at how you are able to juggle multiple tasks alone, and seem to complete everything you do so seamlessly? Again, I ask you, what makes you a superwoman? Are your powers embedded in your unfailing energy to shift anywhere your name is called?

Well, superwoman, while you were out saving the world, you forgot to save the most important person first, yourself! Being super is great, but operating as an unrealistic, magical superwoman daily is exhausting. Hence, every day you find yourself exhausted by the hour. Meanwhile, your family only gets to encounter the snappy, irritable leftovers of you. Oftentimes, you find yourself wondering what is everyone else doing. And then you draw and attach yourself to your first negative idea that pops in your mind. You are assuming the worst, and no longer desiring to wish for the best.

Anytime we act out of God’s order for our lives we find that nothing goes right until we ask the Head of Maintenance (our Father God) to set us straight! Being a superwoman is great! Attempting to be a superhero who is constantly saving the world is downright exhausting.

So, SUPERWOMAN! SUPERWOMAN! Do us all a favor and lay down your cape! The world already knows that you are SUPER, so let God be the HERO! On Purpose!

Coach Lauren J.

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