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Lauren Jackson 

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about lauren

Lauren is also a business coach, who has 8+ years of executive coaching and leadership experience in corporate America.  She holds a M.B.A. & Masters of Science in Banking and Financial Management from New England College.  Her education and exemplary tenured leadership makes her an excellent choice for becoming your business coach & consultant. 


Lauren's niche is helping business owners & corporate clients create an infrastructure that affords them the ability to successfully thrive, all while having to intentionally pivot in the marketplace's climate.  Lauren uses her self designed infrastructure wellness plan to help her clients identify areas of opportunities, implement strategies and processes that can be duplicated successfully and increase profitability. 

Her 4P's of Prosperity Strategy is uniquely designed to ensure that the clients she serves will see exponential growth with ease in their business.

With over ten years of banking, sales, and management/leadership experience, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge and strategies that can help any business owner scale their business, retain key employees, and create a positive customer experience.


Her courses and private coaching sessions address employee retention, managerial communication styles, and associate engagement. These strategies not only help to create a cohesive work environment, but it also creates a better customer loyalty and productivity.


Coach Lauren Jackson is a HR managers dream partner and a business owners trusted advisor! She is highly sought after, with an extensive resume and accolades. To learn more about how Coach Lauren Jackson can take your organization to the next level, book your consultation today! 


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"I have seen tremendous growth in my business and personal leadership skills due to the guidance of Coach Lauren J!  Thank you for being the greatest coach! "


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